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  • The Nomination and Voting Committee on behalf of the WCA are the final arbiters on any and all issues related to submission eligibility and final category placement of submissions in the final nomination process.

  • The voting panel will consist of a minimum of ten (10) panelists: Industry Choreographers, Producers, Directors, and Dancers.

  • The voting panel will not consist of agents, managers, publicists, or of the employees of any entrants or nominees.

  • Submissions received after this date will not be accepted, unless under special request.

  • In the event that a nominated entry is withdrawn or otherwise deemed ineligible, it will be replaced by the submission that received the next highest number of votes.

  • There will be a maximum of five (5) Nominees per category.

  • If there are less than Five (5) Submissions in a given category, the category will be canceled.

  • If there is a tie for the 5th nomination position, the Board of Directors will review and vote to break the tie.

  • There will be no more than two (2) nominations for any single choreographer from any given show in a category.

  • In the event that a team of choreographers submits a work, individual members of that team may withdraw themselves from the contest. However, the Submission/Nomination will remain as long as at least one choreographer from the team remains.

  • The WCA reserves the right to modify any category due to but not limited to overwhelming submissions or trends in a specific style.

  • The WCA Board of Directors will tally all votes.  Any disputes or conflicts regarding the tabulation process will be addressed and handled by the WCA Board of Directors.  All ballots will be anonymous.

  • The Nominees with the highest total of votes will be winners.  If there is a tie, a runoff vote will occur and a winner will be chosen from the totals of both panels.

  • The nominees will be announced on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.


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