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The following Rules and Regulations for the World Choreography Awards (WCA) have been reviewed for the 2024 awards by the World Choreography Awards Nomination and Voting Committee.

The WCA Voting Committee is the final arbiter on any and all issues relating to submissions eligibility. The final category placement of submissions in the nomination process will be determined by the WCA Voting Committee.

The Voting Committee will be adhering strictly to the following guidelines.


We are accepting submissions from all continents.

To be eligible, a submission must have its “premiere” during the period (Jan 1, 2023 – Dec 31, 2023). For the categories of Television, Commercials, and Music Video, the premiere is defined as the first airing. For the category of Motion Picture, the premiere is the date of the theatrical release or airing on a streaming service.


For Digital Content (commercially-funded, someone hired you to choreograph the project) and Digital Content Independent (self-funded, you paid for the project yourself), is the date it was posted on Youtube or Vimeo or any other format.

NOTE: In the Digital Content Independent (self-funded) category, class and convention videos will not be permitted, only concept video will be accepted.

Entry Procedures

  • Choreographers must submit their work via YouTube, WeTransfer, Vimeo (must be able to download), or Dropbox links only.

  •  Submissions must NOT contain ANY titles or credits (i.e. choreographer’s name, etc.) at the beginning, end, or throughout the reel.

  • The MAXIMUM length of Submissions is three (3) minutes for Commercials, and Digital Content.                         For Digital Content Independent and Music Video categories, the MAXIMUM length of Submissions is Two (2) minutes. Two (2) internal edits of the material are allowed in both categories. NOTE: Length of submission guidelines for Motion Picture, Television Episodic, Television Award Show/Special, Television Reality Show/Competition are different.

  • For Television Episodic, and Television Reality Show/Competition a Submission of NO MORE THAN FOUR (4) MINUTES containing only dance number(s)/choreography may be submitted. ENTRANTS may choose to submit up to two pieces of choreography from a single series or limited series. The entries may be culled from the same episode or different episodes as long as it is the original broadcast of the piece and falls within the eligibility period. Entrants have the option to submit only one number, but they may choose to submit two numbers. If multiple pieces are submitted, the entrant must be credited as the sole choreographer (or identical choreography team) on all pieces.

  • A Submission of only the dance number(s)/choreography from the chosen episode(s) may be submitted. Multiple pieces may be put in any order, with two (2) seconds of black in between. NOTE: Dance number(s)/choreography must be submitted in their entirety, with no internal editing.

  • A choreographer/s can only be nominated in the same category for different shows, and can only be nominated twice in any category.

  • For Motion Picture, and Television Award Show/Special, a Submission of NO MORE THAN FOUR (4) MINUTES containing only dance number(s)/choreography may be submitted. NOTE: Dance number(s)/choreography must be submitted in their entirety with no internal editing. You may include as many numbers as you like as long as it does not exceed four (4) minutes. If multiple pieces are submitted, the entrant must be credited as the sole choreographer (or identical choreography team) on all pieces. Multiple pieces may be put in any order, with two (2) seconds of black in between. (A montage containing multiple scenes edited together or a movie trailer is NOT an eligible submission).

  • Four (4) entries may be made in each category, but must be from a different episode or project. A separate submission form must be completed for each entry.

  • In the case of multiple choreographers with official credit, entrants must submit by listing all choreographers. If the submission contains recognizable/original choreography, the original choreographer must be credited.

  • In the event an agent, manager, studio, production company, or broadcast entity facilitates the submission by filling out the form, the individual who is listed as the “choreographer” is considered by WCA to be the person who has made the entry.

  • In the event of a dispute, the nomination will go to the choreographer who received on-camera credit or was named as the choreographer on the project. The choreographer on the project may add additional names to the nomination, such as co-choreographer's, or associate choreographers. Assistant choreographers are not recognized.

  • Next of kin may submit an entry on behalf of a deceased relative.

  • Correct entry information is the responsibility of the entrant. WCA is not liable for incorrect ballot listings that are the result of incorrect information on the entry forms.

  • If an entry is made in the wrong category and the error is not discovered until it goes to the voting panels, it will be disqualified.  If the WCA makes an error that leads to the incorrect categorization, a correction will be issued.

  • All submissions will be pre-screened by the Nomination and Voting Committee for compliance with submission guidelines. Any submissions not meeting the guidelines will be considered ineligible. The corrected  submissions may be resubmitted as long as it is within the deadline.

  • Ineligible entries can be disqualified at any stage of the awards process.

  • The deadline for submissions is Sunday, September 8, 2024, at 11:59 PM, PST.  Submissions received after this date will be disqualified.

Voting & Category Procedures thank you

  • The Nomination and Voting Committee on behalf of the WCA are the final arbiters on any and all issues related to submission eligibility and final category placement of submissions in the final nomination process.

  • The voting panel will consist of a minimum of ten (10) panelists: Industry Choreographers, Producers, Directors, and Dancers.

  • The voting panel will not consist of agents, managers, publicists, or of the employees of any entrants or nominees.

  • Submissions received after this date will not be accepted, unless under special request.

  • In the event that a nominated entry is withdrawn or otherwise deemed ineligible, it will be replaced by the submission that received the next highest number of votes.

  • There will be a maximum of five (5) Nominees per category.

  • If there are less than eight (8) Submissions in a given category, the category will be canceled.

  • If there is a tie for the 5th nomination position, the Board of Directors will review and vote to break the tie.

  • There will be no more than two (2) nominations for any single choreographer from any given show in a category.

  • In the event that a team of choreographers submits a work, individual members of that team may withdraw themselves from the contest. However, the Submission/Nomination will remain as long as at least one choreographer from the team remains.

  • The WCA reserves the right to modify any category due to but not limited to overwhelming submissions or trends in a specific style.

  • The WCA Board of Directors will tally all votes.  Any disputes or conflicts regarding the tabulation process will be addressed and handled by the WCA Board of Directors.  All ballots will be anonymous.

  • The Nominees with the highest total of votes will be winners.  If there is a tie, a runoff vote will occur and a winner will be chosen from the totals of both panels.

  • The nominees will be announced on Thursday October 3, 2024.


Each choreographer submitting an entry agrees to allow the WCA access to any clip from the submitted video, to be used with the presentation, broadcast, and any other exhibition in association with the World Choreography Awards.


By submitting a video for consideration, the choreographer grants the WCA the irrevocable right to use his or her name, likeness, performance, attributes, voice, and biography in connection with the awards show, program and related activities and the broadcast and dissemination of the program in all media now known or hereafter devised, without payment or further consideration.


If a submission receives a nomination it is the responsibility of the choreographer to deliver to the WCA a broadcast-quality reproduction of their nominated work for the awards show. Choreographers agree to make all reasonable efforts to assist in securing all required consents and releases to securing Clips for use in the live awards show and the possible awards show broadcast.


All Videos submissions must be sent exclusively as YouTube, WeTransfer, or Vimeo (must be able to download) links or DropBox.  If you have another type of link, please contact us.



On Sunday, November 17, 2024, all winners will be announced at the World Choreography Awards Show, at the Avalon Hollywood, in Hollywood, California.


The WCA will present “The Choreo” (the Award Trophy) to the individual(s) specifically listed within each category.


In the event more than one choreographer is credited as the winners, only one Award Trophy will be awarded in each category. An exception will be made if two choreographers win, each choreographer will receive an Award Trophy.  


If the winner is unable to attend the show, the presenter of that category will accept the Award Trophy on their behalf.


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